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title. MEDEA

playwright.  Larry Fineberg

theatre. Studio Theatre

producer. University of Alberta

city. Edmonton, AB

director.  Donna Marie Baratta

creative. Guido Tondino (set and lighting design),  David Lovett (costume design), Heather Kemski (sound design), Shannon Boyle (text and voice coach), Ron Lavoie (props master),  John Raymond (stage manager), Tanya Schwaerzle (assistant stage manager)

cast. Jessica E. Carmichael, Ben Dextraze, Candace Berlinguette, Clinton Carew, Ian Leung, Joëlle Préfontaine, Tatiana Duque, Sarah Horsman, Angelique Panther, Patricia Cerda


"The directorial choice to have Medea mirrored into five additional variations is artfully executed. Rather than taking away from Medea's independence, they add to our understanding of the range of emotions she feels throughout the story. The choreography behind the movement pieces is noteworthy, and it became a clear asset to the visual aspects of this play." - Saliha Chattoo (Vue Weekly)

"Director Donna Marie Baratta seizes Fineberg’s concept and mounts an intelligent and visually arresting production" - Colin Maclean (Edmonton Sun)

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