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playwright.  Greg MacArthur

co-director.  Donna Marie Baratta & Jessica Carmichael

theatre. Scotiabank Studio Theatre

producer. SummerWorks

city. Toronto, ON

cast. Zoe Cleland, Lindsey Middleton, Jackie Rowland, Bridget Wareham, Ben Wheelwright

promo video. 




"The great Satanic joy of Greg MacArthur’s girls! girls! girls! is how innocuous it all seems; what starts off as a comical look at precocious small town children quickly spirals into something much darker. It’s a bit of a sinister magic trick, one which the new production by Present Danger Productions, premiering at SummerWorks, clearly understands. A smart and elegant production, the cast – shepherded by directors Jessica Carmichael and Donna Marie Baratta – merrily lead the audience down the shadowy road."Joel Fishbane (The Charlebois Post)


"I expected many times for the play to hold back, but it continued to push my buttons with evil relish. At first the show reminded me of a theatrical version of Skins, but then more boundaries were gleefully crossed. Violence, nudity, and all other forms of debauchery are celebrated by the youth. Their ages and ribbon related-drive highlight the senselessness of their lifestyles. As much as this play shocked and upset me, I loved it. It kept my attention and made my heart race in anticipation for the finale. I understand that girls! girls! girls! is not for everyone. If you don’t like nudity, violence, swearing, or young people then this is not the best choice for you. But if you have a dark side, you’ll have a grand old time." -  Dana Ewachow (Mooney On Theatre)


"The text itself, by Greg MacArthur, tries to distance the horror by using a hyper-theatrical language that mimics Shakespeare and puts poetic words and ideas into the mouths of normally less articulate 14-year-olds. It works as poetry - some of the images are sublime and terrifying at the same time - but is overwhelmed by the visuals. Graphic violence on stage is problematic for me personally because of a tendency to try to figure out how the special effects are done. However in this case, as an emotional safety device, it didn't work - I was horrified, which seems to be the point. All of the cast is extremely committed, believable and easy to identify with - there is no letting the audience off the hook, we are part of the action, drawn in by the performances...Girls! Girls! Girls! is not a comfortable play, and many moments are hard to sit through, but it definitely haunts long after the curtain call."  -  Drew Rowsome 

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