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title. GONE FOR A DANCE (Feature Film)

director. Alain Berliner

choreographer. Mette Berggreen

assistant choreographer. Donna Marie Baratta

producers. Patrick Quinet, Claude Waringo, Christine Alderson

writers. Sonia Bekhor, Alain Berliner

city. Paris, France | Brussels, Belgium |Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

main cast. Cécile De France, Vincent Elbaz, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Pierre Cassignard, Circe Lethem, Simon Buret, Jeanne Balibar, Pascal Langdale

Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 7.25.36 PM.png

synopsis. In a lecture hall, Antoine, a young university professor, is teaching a course on the unconscious passing down of family secrets. In order to explain how behaviours repeat themselves from generation to generation, he tells his students the story of Maurice, Guy and Francois: three generations of men who didn't know their fathers and who abandoned their families to fully live out their absolute passion for musicals. They all unknowingly reproduce the same story until the day Francois decides to break the law of silence and stop the vicious circle.

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